Briefing Possession Planning Personnel

Posted by steve

There has been a number of high profile collisions in possessions in recent years. The RAIB issued an Urgent Safety Advice following the incident at Logan on 1 August 2015, which advised that Network Rail and industry partners should work together to reduce collision risk in possessions.

A cross industry group was formulated, which has already made a number of improvements in managing the risk. This Safety Advice is specific to one part of the overall package of changes.

Two recurring significant causes of these incidents has been sub-standard communications and inappropriate speed control of the train.

Sub-standard instructions contributed to drivers incorrectly assuming the line ahead was clear to a specific point and that up to 40mph was a safe speed to travel.

Rule Book Module T3 and Handbooks 9, 11, 12 and 15 are being updated in December 2017, when the maximum permitted speed in possessions is reduced from 40mph to 25mph.

A complete brief, including audio on these Rule Book and Hand Book changes has been added to Safety Central with the title Possession Speed Chances Brief.


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