SWL Refresher Training

Posted by steve

As you are probably aware originally SWL was only to be supplied by PC or RCC Licence holders.  Recently several PC & RCC holders have been using Temporary Labour Supplier Agencies to supply these personnel, on the understanding that the PC or RCC become Primary Sponsor for these Agency personnel.

Because of this agencies may not be fully aware (see attached correspondents sent to PC & RCC holders only) that any personnel they have who held the original SWL competence were required to attend a refresher course to combat skill fade due to lack of use of the SWL competence from January 2017.  The refresher course is required to be completed within 39 months of completing the original SWL course to maintain the competence on Sentinel.

I suggest you contact any agency suppliers you are using to provide SWL personnel regarding the above information.

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